Our Story

We have always been passionate about the movement towards an integrated approach to health, this concept continues to help shape the health cove today. Having multiple allied health practitioners under the same roof has been a dream come true and provides a wealth of knowledge and support for our patients in our community.

We were inspired by our unique location by the seaside and the services of our clinic, which is why cove came to mind. A cove is a natural formation of a small sheltered inlet in the shoreline of a sea. Typically, this is where sick, injured animals come to rest and rehabilitate. It is also a safe place for animals to birth and look after their young. This resonated perfectly for the vision of our clinic. The Health Cove is a little health clinic by the sea. A safe, relaxing, healing sanctuary for people to come and rest, recharge and rejuvenate. We created our clinic authentically so you can have an organic and unique experience each and every time you visit.

Just like you, we are real human beings. We are deeply passionate about our practice and our ability to assist you in achieving your health goals. We take this seriously as we aren’t just a revolving door. Come in and get to know us!

The Health Cove New Brighton