What We Do

Acupuncture New Brighton


Acupuncture is perfect as a standalone treatment however can also be used in combination with massage and/or cupping. Our registered acupuncturists will be able to work out a tailored Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment plan for your specific condition.

We understand not everyone fits in the same box, which is why each and every treatment is tailored specifically for you.

Most commonly at The Health Cove, acupuncture is used in treatment for common injury and sports rehabilitation, stress management, pregnancy & IVF support. For managing sporting and common injuries we typically use specific points to target and trigger tight, sore and stiff muscles. Many of our techniques are mostly painless, relaxing and may assist in increasing range of motion and decreasing pain.

Massage at The Health Cove


We understand that some people enjoy deep tissue muscle release work whilst others like more of a gentle relaxation massage. At The Health Cove, you can choose from remedial deep tissue, sports, pregnancy, lymphatic and relaxation.

All our massage tables have the option to have pregnancy massage lying face down at any stage of your pregnancy or alternatively on your side for your comfort. We use locally sourced organic massage oils and all of our rooms have heating and cooling, natural light and privacy for the ultimate experience.

Our remedial massage therapists are professional and highly trained and all can provide private health rebates on the day of your massage.

Angus showing cupping technique


Michael Phelps might have made cupping ‘on trend’ however it’s been around for almost two thousand years. Cupping is a simple muscle relaxation technique, it holds the muscles under tension by suction and you’ll experience a gentle release when the cups come off.

Cupping is usually added in combination with massage and or acupuncture for the ultimate treatment experience. Perfect for relaxing tight, sore muscles by increasing blood circulation to the muscle tissue.

Chinese Medicine Byron Bay

Chinese Medicine + Health Supplements

Chinese Medicine is one of the longest recorded medicines in history, and it is all about attention to detail. It has been around for thousands of years, and yet it is still being practiced around the world in collaboration with modern western medicine. Initial consultations aren’t a quick 10-minute session, we don’t like to rush with your health, meaning we take our time, slow things down and go through a few health check questions such as your gut health and diet which help us tailor your treatment plan from a traditional Chinese medicine perspective.

Our Chinese Medicine Practitioners can prescribe Chinese herbal medicine if required. We also stock in-house western natural supplements of Metagenics and Bioceuticals for your convenience.

The Health Cove Acupuncture


Psychotherapy is a collaborative treatment based on the relationship between an individual, couple or family and a psychologist. This confidential client-centred environment is unique in that the psychologist gives you and your loved ones unconditional positive regard (acceptance and support without judgment).

After a course of therapy, you are likely to have developed insight about yourself and insight into the issue/s you brought to the sessions; have improved your daily functioning (e.g. sleep better, be more active, feel more in control of your thoughts and behaviours) and feel happier (more connected, more mindful, calmer) as a result. You are also likely to have learned new skills and strategies so you are more resilient and can better navigate whatever challenges arise in the future.


Psychology is the study of human behaviour. Psychologists focus on the connections between behaviour (what we do), internal processes (thoughts and feelings) and our environment. Psychologists provide services to individuals of all ages, families and groups from all ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Through supportive listening, reflections and conversation, psychologists utilise a variety of evidence-based approaches to help you reach your goals — including cognitive-behavioural (thoughts & what we do), emotional (moods, feelings), interpersonal (between people) and solution-focused (goal-driven) therapies.

Seated and talking in a comfortable room with your psychologist, sessions typically go for 50-60 mins.

Chantelle providing women's health and fertility support

Women’s Health + Fertility Support 

Our registered clinicians here at The Health Cove have a special interest in fertility support and women’s health.  One in six couples now experiences difficulty with fertility. If you’re trying to fall pregnant naturally or currently in the midst of an IVF cycle and need some extra education on lifestyle we are here to support you.

We believe preconception care is important to get your body to an optimal level of health in order to allow you to have a stronger chance of potential conception. We understand trying to fall pregnant can often be an emotional and stressful roller-coaster which is why our treatments are designed to be relaxing and supportive.

Our clinicians offer in-house consultations and treatments all in one session which means there is no rush, we can take our time to come up with a great treatment plan, tailored specifically to you. We also offer online zoom consultations from the comfort of your own home.

Treatments encompass education on traditional dietary and lifestyle advice, prescribing nutritional supplements and traditional Chinese herbal medicine formula with a holistic approach. Our entire team refer to our local GP’s, midwives and fertility specialists accordingly.


Pregnancy + Post Natal Support

Our registered clinicians are highly experienced in working in pregnancy & postpartum.  Our treatments and consults are designed to keep your body feeling its best at every stage of pregnancy.  Our tables are fitted with pregnancy options which allows our clinicians to treat you face down or on your side so you can be at your most comfortable. Pregnancy can be hard on the body which is why our treatments are relaxing and supportive of all stages including birth preparation.

We are passionate about supporting new mothers and our treatments are designed to help mothers recover after birth and assist with natural changes of the body. Our treatment services include pregnancy massage, pregnancy blend treatments, pregnancy osteopathy treatments & pregnancy nutrition as well as birth preparation treatments.

We also offer pregnancy & postnatal packages which make thoughtful much-loved gifts for new mothers. Packages include massage & blend treatments or you can create your own with our team. For more information please contact our friendly team.